Giving the Gift of Reading Giveaway!!!

I cannot believe 2013 is almost over. This year has been so magical, so wonderful, and as Thanksgiving has just passed and Christmas and New Year are days away, I can’t help but reminisce and reflect on how truly blessed my year has been.

Not only have my wonderful readers helped me achieve the dream of getting on the New York Times Best Sellers List, you have shown me so much love, I can only hope I deserved it.

I have had the privilege of traveling all around the United States in 2013, from Boston to Seattle, from Florida to Texas, and even all the way to the coast of California, to MEET and HUG and LOVE so many wonderful readers from all around the globe.

I never thought that writing the stories in my head would GIFT me with so many amazing friendships, too. That just blows my mind that such a thing would even be possible, let alone my reality.  And the power of electronic tools allows us to talk every day, to share our loves, our woes, our triumphs, our setbacks. I am so grateful for the community that we’ve built together, and being a part of it every day makes me want to be a better person, a better friend, a better author.

All of this warm and cozy wonderfulness was made possible because we all have a common thread that ties us together – an unwavering love of reading.

Throughout the year, I’ve tried my best to give something back to my readers, and this holiday time is the perfect time to end 2013 on a high note by giving the gift of reading to a few lucky folks. The drawing for winners will take place on December 18, 2013.

But before we go on, there are a FEW RULES to this End of 2013 giveaway.

Yeah, I know. Rules schmooles. Sorry… here goes.


I am giving away 3 Kindle Paperwhites BUT the Paperwhites ARE NOT YOURS TO KEEP.

That’s right – we are going to embrace the TRUE MEANING of selflessness this holiday season.  These devices are not for you, but for YOU TO GIVE THE GIFT OF READING TO SOMEONE ELSE.

THREE WINNERS will be selected to receive a brand new Kindle Paperwhite. I will be giving one of them away.  I have given two of my very special blogger friends, Aestas Book Blog and Autumn Review, Paperwhites to give away too, so make sure you see the links below.

To enter to win, you must post a comment nominating someone else (first name only) who you feel deserves to win and a brief reason why. I want to know why this person is so special to you and why they should get a special present from Reber Santa.

Yes, you can enter all three giveaways below.

Yes, you can enter more than once (one per day though) to nominate a different friend.

Yes, you can enter all three giveaways for the Kindles.


If your entry (for your friend) is selected, the Kindle will be shipped directly from Santa Reber to them, not you, so we will be asking you for THEIR mailing address. In case you missed it, you MUST NOMINATE SOMEONE WHO DESERVES IT to win the Kindles.

If you are a liar, liar pants on fire and intend to keep the gift for yourself, please know that Santa sees when you are naughty. And SHAME on YOU for being dishonest.  Give the chance to someone else who may not be able to afford a new ereader to win it.


You do NOT have to nominate someone to receive the signed books or ebooks. Yep, YOU get a chance to win something for yourself, even if you’ve been naughty all darn year.


This is the one you will grumble about, but you must be a US Resident to enter and to receive the Kindle and the signed books.  The ebooks are coming from, so you have to be able to accept a Kindle version from the good ol’ USA. Sorry, but shipping these items overseas is just simply ridiculous. But see Aestas’ giveaway. She’s got one for the international peeps.

And lastly:

Which is really more of a request than a hard and fast rule, but I’d love to see a PICTURE of the final recipient with their new Kindle and/or signed books.  You can send it to me via email to or post it on my author page on Facebook (authortinareber) or tag me on Twitter (TinaReber).

Remember to hold the camera up slightly and shoot downwards as it eliminates the double chin (lesson #1 from those who’ve attended my book signing selfie shot hallway workshops).

Thanks for reading!

From my family to yours, have a blessed holiday season and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!



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Questions?  Send an email to me at


  • Meagan Wells

    I would like to nominate my mother in law Carol. She is always helping me out as much as she can. She also raised my husband by herself and he turned out to be an amazing man.

  • me

    I nominate my mom Alli. She has had it rough with getting her body, especially her eyes, to be what they were after having a stroke, and I know she would love a Kindle to read on!

  • Kristen J.

    I nominate my friend Tracy, she’s always there to give me a smile or a laugh or threaten people on my behalf. She’s an all around awesome person and I think she deserves a little something special in her life. Also, I’m sure she’d appreciate the kindle when she’s a football coach widow again next year!

  • Lisa Kritzman

    My sister Ashley deserves the kindle. She is a full time college student, works 5 days a week, and is a black belt who teaches young children karate. She works really hard and I love her so much!

  • Sheri Kurtz

    I want to nominate my friend Kelly. She’s going through some hard times right now and could use a gift she would use every day. She is a book nerd.

  • Amanda Green

    I want to nominate my mom Charlotte. I love sitting in the same with her while we are both reading. Then we talk about the books we love. if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be the mega reader I have become.

  • Jenn K. Smith

    I would nominate my mom. She just retired and finally has time to read! Thanks for the giveaway, Tina,

  • Bobbie Jo Duhon

    I nominate my grandmother Regina. She is the reason I love to read. Just recently we found out she has cancer. I would love to give her a kindle paperwhite so she can read while taking her chemo.

  • seyah2

    I want to nominate my friend Summer who loves to read as much as I do but cannot afford a kindle for me to share books with her. She reminds me of my daughter, she is very kind spirited and beautiful on the inside out.

  • Ellen

    I nominate my kids’ “second mom”, their babysitter Carmen. She has continued to help me even when I could only offer her part-time hours, and has taken on a second job at night and on the weekends. She loves to read and would love a Kindle but would never buy one for herself.

  • laurie j

    I nominate my friend Barb! She is as psycho about books as me has an old kindle and could use a new one

  • Teresa Cromes Edwards

    I nominate my friend Amanda. She uses me as her book suggestion person. She does so much for everyone else but not much for herself. She has three kids, so she doesn’t buy herself a lot of things. I’m sure she would appreciate a Kindle so she won’t have to try to read on her phone or borrow her daughter’s Ipad.

  • I’d love Love Unscripted on MY kindle, but I want to nominate my dad, Bruce, to win the paperwhite. He works really hard and always gets our technological hand-me downs. He loves to read and I’d love him to have his own Kindle, brand spanking new. Thanks for being so incredibly generous!

  • Shannon Ruel

    I would like to nominate my mom Linda. She means the world to me. You see I have an illness called P.o.t.s that leaves me bed bound most of the time. She takes care of me and my son. Driving me to all my doctors appts, my son to school and back. Without her help I wouldn’t know what to do.

  • Casi Moore

    I would nominate my sister Carlee. She is a young full time speech pathology college student that recently (as in 3 days ago) moved halfway across the country to live with her army husband that just got back from deployment. She has mentioned wanting her own kindle before but doesn’t have the money for that kind of purchase right now! There have been so many books that I have read this past year that I think she would love! I know now that she has moved so far away from family & friends, that having a kindle would be a great way to occupy what free time she will have after studying.

  • Adrianna Raven

    My bestfriend Issy she’s losing her house at the end of the month and recently lost her job do to Detriots bankcupry and she could use soemthing good happening to her a little christmas cheer

  • Rhonda Beyer

    I would love If Santa Reber gifted my Momma. She is the woman who instilled a love of reading in my as a child. Thou she stopped reading for years she has recently rekindled he love. So I ask that you gift my very special Mother, Mickey with the paperwhite. I know she would love it. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! !!!!

  • Hannah Kuntz

    I nominate my roommate Sami. The first time I saw her read for pleasure was our freshmen year of college. She picked up Easy by Tammera Webber and sat in her desk chair for four hours until she was done with it. She is a very busy college student and having a kindle would allow her to keep all the books I recommend with her in between classes.

  • Kimberly Martini

    I am nominating my mother Rebecca – Shes an awesome mother and she loves to read , I have lots of health problems and shes always taken care of me and been there for me and i think she really deserves this . I know how much she enjoys reading so she would really like this

  • Jen Sontak

    I would like to nominate my sister and best friend Lisa. She believes in old fashion books. I want to bring her up to date with modern technology. She recently lost her job and I think winning something would be a great pick me up to her!

  • Guest

    I nominate my friend and former neighbor Catrina Smith. She loves to read and shares my affinity for amazing books like yours.
    Catrina is currently experiencing hardships across the board.
    She puts her wants and needs on hold for her children like any good mother.
    For holidays she asks for amazon gift cards so she can order books and read from her phone. Her son has frequent visits to the hospital for treatments and having a kindle to read while she is there waiting all the time would be so amazing.
    Reading is her escape from all the hardships that she endures daily with a smile on her face.
    I would like to see her have one thing for herself. She truly deserves this and so much more.

    • Deanna Turso Drake

      This is me. I don’t see my name above…..just “guest”. Not sure why but, wanted to make it clear. Thx. 😉

      • Deanna Turso Drake

        I am confused….I did not post this under this guest….I posted it under my posting. It was about my friend Tammy in Florida. Sad that I cannot see it on here. Help?

  • Krista

    I want to nominate my sister, Kim. She has a lot of health problems and is struggling with some other things in life and I think this would be a great gift to help cheer her up. She has always been there for me even throughout having to go to the hospital many times throughout her childhood.

  • Hanyewi Sunkmanitu Tanka

    My friend Lorelei. She has 2 autistic children, works full time and makes various autism related crafts as fundraisers for autism awareness charities. Reading isn’t something which she has a lot of time to do but it is something she loves to do and a paperwhite would allow her to be able to read almost anywhere when she has a spare few minutes.

  • Julie Mancini

    I want Love Unscripted on my Kindle

  • Layla RC

    I nominate my friend and former neighbor Catrina. She loves to read and shares my affinity for amazing books like yours.
    Catrina is currently experiencing hardships across the board.
    She puts her wants and needs on hold for her children like any good mother.
    For holidays she asks for amazon gift cards so she can order books and read from her phone. Her son has frequent visits to the hospital for treatments and having a kindle to read while she is there waiting all the time would be so amazing.
    Reading is her escape from all the hardships that she endures daily with a smile on her face.
    I would like to see her have one thing for herself. She truly deserves this and so much more.

    Reading is her escape from all the hardships that she endures daily with a smile on her face.
    I would like to see her have one thing for herself. She truly deserves this and so much more.

    • Layla RC

      This is my post? It says guest???

  • Layla RC

    I posted twice because the first came up as guest. It won’t let me delete the first post. Sorry about the inconvenience.

  • Julie Mancini

    I would like to nominate my best friend Kelly. She is an amazing woman and always there for everyone else. Her biggest escape has always been reading. She has been going through a lot lately and deserves something special as she hasn’t faltered from being there. She has dealt with numerous serious family health issues, not to mention her own. A son with aspergers And went from being a stay at home mom to divorced, which takes away all her income. Having been out of the work force, and with the economy the way it is she has had a hard time finding work. With a kindle she would have unlimited reading material from the library without worrying how to get there, the many free books from Amazon and I could lend and/or gift her ebooks since we have the same tastes

  • Rhiannon Jennings

    I would love to give my daughter Haley the Kindle Paperwhite! She is newly married to an Airman and is home alone alot of the time and reads mostly from her phone.

  • Reid Storey

    I would love to nominate my friend, Stacy. I have known her for 10 years and she is the sweetest thing. She would never spend money on herself, she’d rather spend it on her family. I’d love for her to receive a PW so I can gift her all my favorite books, instead of letting her borrow my print versions. Those are my babies. 🙂 ~Jenn Benando

  • Scheva Oliver Hurm

    I nominate Allison, my son’s babysitter. She has a heart of gold and works her butt off! She is in college and works 2 jobs and one of them is caring for my special needs son. Never a complaint and is positive all the time. About 3 weeks ago I insisted she borrow my Kindle and see how she feels about reading. It’s my passion and I wanted to share it with her. I think I have her hooked!! She is on her 5th book assignment by me and it’s LOVE UNSCRIPTED!! We actually talked about the book at lunch today! She would be an excellent well deserved choice. ( and I want my Kindle back!!) Thanks for the generosity and Merry Christmas!!

  • Jennifer Mitchell

    I would like to nominate my mother in law Carolyn. She is so kind, selfless and always going out of her way to take care of her family. She spends all of her money on taking care of her mother and the rest towards her two grandkids that she loves dearly. She loves to read and I think she would enjoy a kindle. She would never spend the money on herself. She is a wonderful person that would give her last penny to any person that would need it. She has been a great role model, mother and friend to me. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Renee Sherman

    “want Love Unscripted on your Kindle” I’m thinking of the friend who needs the kindle.

  • Michelle Reed Brown

    My friend Roxanne deserves a kindle for Christmas. She works darn hard to support herself, her disabled husband and sometimes that extends to his two grown children. They were gathered around a campfire with us just a few weeks ago and we were discussing our love of books, and our kindles and I was shocked to learn she doesn’t have one.
    ( I’m not sure why it still shows Brown on here for my post, but it’s just Michelle Reed on FB.

  • Michelle Reed Brown

    I have both Love Unscripted & Love Unrehearsed on my kindle, but I’d love to win to gift it 🙂

  • Noelle D’Ambrosio

    I would like to nominate my friend Lisa. She gave me the gift of reading 1year ago. I have read 100 book since then. It has brought us closer and I would love to share this with her.

  • Ashley Walker

    I would like to nominate my best friend for the past thirteen years. She is a single parent and loves to read, but since she use’s what money she has left over the spoil her daughter, Hadley, she rarely buys or receives anything nice for herself. Carissa is truly one of the most selfless people I know. She works anywhere from forty to sixty hours a week as a red cross employee drawing blood, and many times traveling up to 2.5 hours away from her home just to make sure our community has blood. She loves her job and her work ethic shows many of the donors, know her by name and ask for her when coming into community blood drives. Though her hours are crazy she still makes sure she is home every night to help her daughter, Hadley with her school work and see her to bed. Hadley is in second grade and is on honor roll, and much like Carissa loves to read. She is currently reading at a fourth grade reading level. I know Carissa has wanted a kindle for many years, but has not been able to afford having one. This would absolutely make her year if you sent her one. Plus she is very much aware that your book is the second book I bought when I bought my kindle and still in my top 5 favorite books. Please pick Carissa.

  • Maria Esquivel

    I would love Jenny to be selected to win! She actually won a e-reader back in September from the author Dina Silver. When I ask her to show me her kindle. Jenny said ” I give it to my brother because I can’t afford to buy him one.” So she give her gift to her brother. Thanks for the giveaways!!!

  • Nancy L.

    I nominate my best friend, Elizabeth! She wasn’t much of a reader when we met back in High School, but now I have her asking me for recommendations all the time! It’s awesome to have someone to talk to about books.

  • Christine McNeil

    I want a Kindle for my mother Charlotte. She is living on SS and is somehow affording to pay for my wedding dress. I cannot afford to get her a Kindle and getting it and all the free or cheap books on the Kindle would save her money from buying paperback books and save her from having to walk to the library. I just really would love to tell her that this is her Christmas gift as a Thank You for my dress.

  • Charmarie Dotson

    I nominate my son Nathan. He is such a sweet child and so caring. He loves to read and unfortunately I cannot afford to give him one this year because of my finances. He is a very sweet young man who is always doing everything to please others without asking for anything in return. I would like to see his dream come true. He really wants one of these:-)

  • Amanda

    I nominate my daughter Briana, she is such a sweet kid and does not get near what she deserves. She is an honor roll student, plays in the band, was on the volleyball team, just made the basketball team and has now made it into a UIL math league. I have been in and out of the hospital for the past few years and this has made her, unfortunately, grow up a lot quicker. She is only 13 but could take care of anyone and anything. She is completely amazing and something sweet like this would be another reminder from the world just how great she is.

  • Suzanne Morrell

    My friend Cynthia (aka Cindy) should win! Why you ask? Because she is an awesome friend, mom and human in general who LOVES to read! 🙂

  • Suzanne Morrell

    I “want Love Unscripted on your Kindle”…the one you gift me of course! 😉

  • Cynthia Webster

    Gl everyone!

  • Kirsty L

    I’d like to nominate my SIL, Harriet. She’s wanted a Kindle forever but can’t afford it right now, so I’d love to be able to give this one to her.

  • maranda

    my sons teacher from last year. Jeryl Buffington. She was a great teacher and has been thought a lot. I would love for her to win due to all she does for her students and family.

  • mags1978

    I love love this idea, thank you!! I want to nominate my friend Angie. She reads all the time but her kindle is broken and she can’t afford a new one so she is reading on her old iphone! Angie is super sweet and recently lost her Dad, this would be a nice surprise for the holidays 🙂

  • Priscilla Preston Poore

    I nominate my Momma who is the most self-less woman I’ve ever met! My dad up and left almost 9 years ago leaving her with a 20, 15 & 13 year old girls without any help. But I never heard her complain, she just picked up a 2nd job. She works at a warehouse from 330-6 then comes home and showers and then goes and educates 4th grade minds as she has for 35 years then after teaching till 330 she would go with at the warehouse till 5-530 and up until a year ago she would go to the nursing home to feed and get her parents to bed. She then would come home cook, clean, mother and grade papers. She is the greatest Momma and Nana in the world and never gets anything for her self though she needs and wants this. This Kindle Paperwhite would be perfect because she loves to read! Thanks for the chance!

  • Priscilla Preston Poore

    I would love to read Love Unscripted! I love your books!

  • Megan Tacey Percoski

    I nominate my 17 year old daughter, Steph, who selflessly gave her nook to a family friend after surgery…since mine was stolen. She has been an avid reader since the age of 3…reading at college level by 7th grade! With me being out of work, senior expences, her needing a car, and college expences just around the corner its a luxury I can’t afford to get her in the foreseeable future. Thank you for this chance to get her what she would LOVE!

  • Renee LaHanes

    I would like to nominate my sister-in-law Rachel. She is the mother of 3, 2 step-children and one on the way. She is a busy bee so you can imagine the difficulty of packing up a car full of kids just to go get a book from the library, store or even to borrow from a friend. She is one of the most amazing mothers I know and I can only hope to be half as wonderful of a mother as she! She loves nothing more than spending time with her family and reading is a pleasant escape for her hectic home. I know she would appreciate the Kindle because it would be just a little saving grace by buying a book that is a click away to allow her that extra time with her kiddos! She deserves to have something for herself because she always puts the needs of others ahead of her own!

  • Lindsey Tummins

    I nominate my best friend/sister Kelly! She is a very giving person and always putting others before herself! She is a HUGE reader!

  • Lindsey Tummins

    I want Love Unscripted on my kindle!!!!

  • Vicky Kimble

    I nominate my mom, Patricia Langley. She loves to read. I won a Kindle Fire and gave her my old (first) Kindle. It doesn’t work well anymore. Freezes up. And, she would probably like the paperwhite much better than a Kindle Fire (she probably couldn’t figure it out). But, like me, she is an avid reader and deserves this.

  • Tish Kemple Swanson

    I nominate my bff, Dusty. She’s the one I’ve known forever, the one I go to for honest advice and genuine support. She accepts my quirky little habits and understands me the way few others can. I can call her at any hour to laugh, cry or complain. Her voice has been there the whole time, sharing dreams and singing my song when I need to hear it most. She can read my mind, hear my heart and love me the way I am. She’s been my lifelong friend and so much more. She’s more like my sister. She’s also the most selfless person I know, putting the needs and desires of others before her own. If anyone deserves to be surprised with a special gift from Santa Reber, it’s Dusty! I would give her the world if I could!

  • Jessica Ryba

    I nominate my friend Brianna. She is the most wonderful friend to me. She is an amazing mom to her 2 kids. And she is a loving wife, her hubby is lucky!
    She loves to read… and it recently showing interest in a kindle 🙂 This would make her Christmas!

  • Jessica Ryba

    I want Love Unscripted on your Kindle! Your books are on my wishlist! Have been for awhile 🙂

  • Elise-Maria Barton

    I’d like to nominate my sister Vivian to receive the gift of a kindle white. She loves to read but sadly never has the time between her job and taking care of her husband, her child and her home. Having a kindle would mean she could read whenever and wherever she can squeeze in an extra minute and not have to listen to my synopses of all the fabulous books I get to read!

    Oh, and I’d enjoy reading Love Unscripted on my kindle app!

    Elise-Maria Barton,

  • Crissy Cockrell Bennett

    I would love, Love Unscripted on my Kindle. I read this on a friends kindle and would love to have it on mine. Or the signed copy awesome!!
    I was going to nominate my friend Jennifer, but after reading some of these post, I will pass this great giveaway and hopefully someone more deserving will win. Great giveaway idea!!

    • Alison Borgo

      Crissy that is so sweet of you. If by chance you don’t win an ecopy of it please let me nnow and I will gift you both books. I have a lot of books that I love but this series has my book boyfriend Ryan in it. Because of your kindness I will share him with you (but only in reading haha) My email is don’t hesitate to contact me if you dont win so I can gift you those 2 books 🙂

  • I nominate my cousin Shirley, because she’s the reason why I got into reading! And she’s the best book buddy ever 🙂

  • Heather Jones Tackett

    I would like to nominate my sweet niece, Maresa. We have been close her whole life and I consider her to be like one of my own children. I’ve watched her grow into a loving, responsible young woman and mother. I recently introduced her to my love of reading and she is captivated. Maresa has a 9 year old son that she works very hard to provide for…working full time while attending college classes. She refuses to ever do anything special for herself. Currently, she is squeezing in reading time with an app on her phone! I would LOVE to surprise her with such an awesome gift. I have a Paperwhite for my reading and absolutely love it 🙂

  • Alison Borgo

    Thamk you for the chance. I would like to nominate my friend Louise Caracci. After her jusband died ahe was ledt with 3 k ids to raise on her own. Any extra she may have goes towars the kiddies. I got her into reading but like me sh e has to read on her phone. She never complains and would be ecstatic is was to win one of these. Thank you so much for the chance and congratulations to the winners

  • iHeartBigBooks

    I’d like to nominate my mom who will always hand over anything new to her loved ones, who never takes a free moment to herself.

  • Julie N

    I think my sister should get a kindle! She loves to read but she reads on her little phone using the kindle app. If she had a kindle she could enjoy the bigger screen and longer battery life. She is a great sister and I’m glad I have her to share and talk books with. Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Tina Myers

    I think my sister and best friend Mary should win this Kindle. She’s works 12 hours standing on her feet for those hours helping people get beautiful. With coloring and cutting there hair. She’s worn out by the end of her day. If she wins this she can go home put her feet up and read a good book..

  • Tina Myers

    I really want Love Unscripted on your Kindle”

  • Cookie Tenerelli

    I nominate my friend and coworker Lois. She loves to read but would never buy herself an ereader. Lois is the wife of a pastor, another wonderful person, who would give money to someone in need before she would ever buy something for herself. They run a program from their church that sends shoe boxes full of toys and school supplies to underprivleged children in other countries. They give their time and money to this project every year. I know they don’t have a ton of expendable cash, but would give you the shirt of their backs if you asked. I would love to see Lois get this little something for herself for a change.

  • Tressa Sager

    I would like to nominate my Mother Brenda! She loves to read but hasn’t been for awhile and I think this would be PERFECT for her! Thank you for this opportunity are the best!

  • Glorya Hidalgo

    I nominate my best friend Sharon. She has been there for me through all the crazyness that my life has brought me and has always been a faithful friend.

  • Leanne Jacobson

    I would like to Nominate my daughter Trinity she is 11 and in the 5th grade. She is finally getting bit by the book worm. She has had trouble reading and has always been below her grade level. Until this year and a special program that finally clicked with her. She enjoys it better not more than ever and i am really really proud of her and her hard work to come this far with the reading program.

  • Sarah Roth Daniel

    I nominate my friend Jaclyn. She is my childhood friend. She is an avid reader and when I recieved my kindle I gave her my old e reader. that e reader is damaged and she needs a new one. She has had a bad couple of years and winning the kindle would make her Christmas. It would be nice if she could get something new for her alone than something handed down. please consider her for the kindle paperwhite,
    thank you!!!

  • Kristina

    – I nominate my mom. She is suppose to have shoulder surgery and I want to give her something to occupy her time while healing 🙂

  • Faith

    My best friend Julia has been a wonderful friend to me a and all she’s wanted for the longest time is a kindle paperwhite, I’d love to surprise her after all she’s done for me

  • Lori-Anne Simpson

    I’m nominating my baby sister, Jennifer Tate. As a single mom of two you boys, Jen was stranded by her cheating husband in England. It literally took a chance encounter at a library, which was the only place she could get online, with the spouse of the base commander to finally send her and the boys home. She now lives with my parents whom she takes care of as well on their farm. She deserves something special for her. She wouldn’t normally take care of her wants, but she loves to read. Even went to a signing just today in Richmond VA and thought enough to get me a couple signatures too. She is a sweet girl, thanks for your consideration.

  • Donna Evenson

    I would like to nominate my friend Stephanie.

    Stephanie is the mother of two small children of which take up all of her time, her outlet became books. Books where she was able to enjoy in those small bits of quiet time she gets. Stephanie started a blog, to share her love of the written word with the masses, she is truly a down to earth woman who is kind and generous to everyone she meets. The moment I met her I instantly loved her, she’s southern and has the best laugh. She’s southern and the poor girl can’t cook food to save her life, she currently reads books through her phone or her computer. Always entering contests to win a kindle, and selfless enough to say she’d rather have that money spent on her family than on a kindle. I love her and she’d deserve this.

  • Tricia Pariso Anderson

    i Nominate my friend and daughter Chrissy, she is a new reader finally finding books she loves to read, she doesn’t have much time to read though with 2 beautiful little girls running around whom almost were not here due to a rare ovarian cancer my daughter had thankfully they were able to save one of her ovaries so she could have a family but any day it could come back, right now she is reading off her phone and i would love more than anything to get her a kindle but with my hubby disabled funds are very tight we do love to loan our books to each other. Thank you so much for a chance to win her won! you are awesome!

  • Amy Scott

    I nominate my Mom Sharon. She wish a wonderful lady that gives selflessly that would never buy something like this for herself. She is a widow and lives by herself. She is a retired teacher of 36 years. Please choose her for you kindle paper white giveaway!!

  • Angela Nelson

    I’d like to nominate my sister Ann. She gave up her own place and moved in with me when our parents passed away to help me raise my girls. I’m a single disabled mother of two, ages 7 and 8. Ann does all the errands we need, she takes the girls to and from school. She does all this on top of being a night time dispatcher for the Sheriff’s office. She works from 6 pm to 6 am, comes home and takes the girls to school at 7:30, goes to sleep til time to pick them up at 3:30 then gets another hour’s sleep til 4:30 when she gets up and goes back to work. We’ve been fighting with the bank to save our house, the mortgage was in our parents’ names. It’s been a year and in order for them to agree to let us take the mortgage over, we had to come up with $3,000 for the last year’s interest and closing costs. Hard to come up with that money when you’re living on disability. So I have no money for Christmas this year. I feel bad because she’s given up her life for me and my kids and I can’t even afford her a Christmas gift. If she won this, she could take it with her to work for the times when work is slow because the communications room she works in stays dark so they can see the monitors better.

  • Jessica Markley

    I nominate Alexia, she is going to be 12 the 20th and reads at an 11th grade level at the moment. She keeps stealing my nook. I want her to continue to epand her reading but I also want my nook so I can. Yes, she’s my daughter and I would love to buy one for her but being the single parent I am, I can’t afford one.

  • Angela Nelson

    I want Love Unscripted on my kindle!

  • Kathy Groce Powell

    I nominate my husband Charles because he gave me his ipad mini that he won from work and i would like to give him something that he could read his books on now

  • Deanna Turso Drake

    I want Love Unscripted on my kindle!!! Forgot to put that in the other comment. 😉

  • jennifer mathis

    I would nominate my daughter,Kayla. She is 11 and has been having a lot of health problems this year. She dutifully carries her books into the dr. office weekly and it would just be nice for her to have a kindle so she wouldnt have to pack the weight of books in with her

  • Dawn Green

    I nominate my daughter Tracey her kindle died, each of us(5 total ) have a kindle, we all love to read!

  • Kassandra Johnson

    I would love to win this for one of my dearest friend kindle died just after the replacement date ran out. I would love to give this to her because she loves to read and its one of the things we do together when are kids are in school. It gives us a something different to talk about besizes our kids all the time.

  • Priscilla Vidal

    I would nominate my friend Danielle because I would love her to read all the books that I love, so this would be the perfect reason to do it!

  • denise226

    CONNIE she has been the best friend mother-in-law anyone could have she loves her children and grandkids and makes everyone happy just being around her my mom just died on dec 9th and she has been there for me helping me grieve and listening to me thank you connie denise smith

  • denise226

    i really would love to have “want Love Unscripted the book sounds so good and i have been wanting it for a while now thanks so much for the giveaway denise smith

  • Claudia Teixeira

    Happy holidays

  • Shawna Stringer

    I want to win this for my best friend Lana. We met over 13 years ago when we started working at B&N. It was one of those instant moments where the first time you talked you just knew there was a connection. We can read each other’s thoughts, can sit in silence and not be uncomfortable and I love her like a sister. She recently moved to another state and we cried on that day. But even though she’s miles away we still know when something is wrong with each other and call or text. Just writing this is making me tear up. We are both book addicts and I know she would live this gift. And she’s going through some hard times right now and I would love to put a smile on her face.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this for her.

  • Shawna Stringer

    I would love Love Unscripted on your Kindle

  • elizabeth miele

    my mom………….teri………..she loves to read even at 80 years old……….but the books are getting harder and harder to hold………..the paper white would be perfect for her…….

  • Rebecca Crane

    My mom Beth because she shared the joy of reading with my sister and me. All 3 of us are book junkies. 🙂

  • elizabeth miele

    i want love unscripted on my kindle!!!

  • mhninjagirl

    I nominate my friend Lauren. Like me, she just finished college, has school loans and loves to read but can’t afford a Kindle. We are silly and share books when we win them from others generous giveaways and in general do book swaps. She would be thrilled to get one! Thank you for your generosity!

  • Greg Wilson

    I would like to nominate my wife Chrissy. We have been together for almost 11 years now and she is by far the best friend i have ever had. We have 2 amazing sons ages 3 years and 4 months. Chrissy loves to read and uses it as a way to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life Recently our 3 year old learned there were games on her tablet and dropped it and broke the LCD screen on it. I know she will never show it but I know it bothers her she no longer has that “escape”. She also uses her tablet to read to her preschool class. I wish i was able to get her one but with a new baby and all it is very difficult right now. I came across this contest as I was looking for her some books for Christmas and thought it would be worth a try to give her something back because she sacrifices so much and works so hard in order for our family to be happy.

  • Bethany Farwell

    I nominate my best friend and blog mate Kait. She has been there for me through the hardest of times, and I couldn’t think of anything better to get such an avid reader/blogger!! We may be thousands of miles apart right now, but Kait will always be my best friend, and my soul twin. I miss her like crazy – since we’re the ultimate “frouple”.

  • Deanna Turso Drake

    I am reposting because I don’t see mine from a little while ago. I really want to try to win this for my friend Tammy. Her daughter was just diagnosed with Batten Disease a few months ago….after fighting for answers since she was 4 years old. Her daughter is now approaching her 12th birthday. Batten Disease is killing her daughter little bits at a time and Tammy is on a budget to get by, as a single mom to two children total. This would be amazing for her to win…I don’t need to win anything honestly….just for her it would brighten up a hard holiday for her this year. Her daughter will die from this, probably in the immediate future. Thank you. I hope you can see this post this time. 🙂 Happy Holidays.

  • Melissa

    I would like to nominate my mother, Kathy to win a Kindle Paperwhite. My mother is the kindest soul that anyone would meet. She has been a nurse for for over 40 years and is one year away from retirement. However, retirement may come sooner than later as she has been having medical issues lately that have keep her from working. She suffers from Ménière’s disease and has had multiple spells lately that have kept her bed ridden. To top it off, she recently developed a highly contagious and often deadly infection called c-def which multiple antibiotics have been unable to heal. Among all this, the washing machine broke, the garage door opener broke, and her illness has kept her from being able to spend time with family this holiday season. Her husband, my stepfather, has been a god-send, taking care of all her needs. Needless to say, my mother could use some cheering up this holiday season. I would love to be able to surprise her with a Kindle to be able to take her away from reality that has been so rotten to her lately. It would help to end her rotten year on a good note and hopefully create a basis for an even better 2014.

  • Jen V.

    I would like to nominate one of my best friends, Amber O. She and I have been friends since kindergarten (30 years!!!). She is a single mom and put herself through school to better her life and graduated with a degree in education. She spends most of her days making the lives of little ones better as a teacher for Head Start. She gives everything she has to make her daughters life better and has been wanting an ereader for a few years. She would never spend the money on herself though, and this would be an amazing thing for her to receive. I believe and practice in Paying it forward as often as we can. This is a beautiful thing you are offering the friends of your fans. Kudos to you!

  • Sheraka K

    I have so many people to nominate but if I had to do one person it would be my 13th year old son. He has gone through so much stuff this year from being bullied to being diagnosed with having depression and through all of it, he has remained calm and as happy as he can be. I look at him and with his continued struggles, he keeps his head on straight and tries hard to just be, in his words, “normal”

  • Anna

    I want to nominate my sister Barb Biswick. She is not only my amazing little sister but she is a wonderful mother of 4 kids. We live far apart but we try to catch up by phone most days but sometimes it is just a text message here and there. She loves to read and we have a great time laughing about our favorite books. She has had a rough year, like so many people have. She lost her job and was unemployed for about half of the year, when she finally found a new job it seems it has been one thing after another. It has been everything from our father passing away to injuries and finally she had surgery right before Thanksgiving. A new kindle would mean the world to her.

  • Katie Coss

    I nominate Cody. He is an amazing man and a wonderful father. Its my mission to make him into a bookie like me. He is my rock and has sacrificed a lot so that our kids can have the things we do.

  • Hai Koulaboud

    I nominate my sister Julie. She started my reading obsession. The first book she recommended constantly was Twilight and I’ve been reading ever since.

  • Ginnie Hutto

    I am nominating my girlfriend Amy. After 4 years I am finally getting her into reading. Also, I am getting a little tired of her stealing my Kindle.

  • Violet Jones-Kelley

    I nominate my friend Jennifer. She is an awesome person inside and out!!! She is a single mother who works hard to make sure her daughter wants for nothing. SHe never treats herself to anything. Would love for her to win!!!

  • Hannah

    Renee! She is my best friend and like a sister to me. Earlier this year she had to move over 3 hours away from me and I miss her so much. We would hangout or go shopping almost everyday but we are lucky if we see each other once a month now. She loves to read ad much as I do but is limited to paperbacks. I would love to be able to lend her all of the Amazon books that I can so she can enjoy them as much as I do.

  • Stacey Ryan

    I would like to nominate by friend Jamie. We share the love of reading! She always recommends books to me and we go to book signing events together.

  • kelli s.

    I’d like to recommed my friend Amber. She’s a book enthusiest like me. We are always recommending books to each other. Plus she’s my crazy, amazeballs, sister from another mister!

  • Nicole

    I nominate my friend (and husband’s Grandmother), Donna Light (or as we call her, Gigi). She is 84 years old and one of the most incredible woman I have ever seen. She is active, almost to a fault. She watches and keep my daughter any time I need her, loves her unconditionally…and in turn, my daughter thinks her Gigi can move mountains.
    Gigi takes my daughter on walks with a book of birds, they go to find out how many they can find and mark them out of the book 🙂 She will help anyone at any time, but does not have many friends.
    Her closest friend was her husband, Bill Light, (lovingly called Poppy) and lost him a couple of years ago. In that time, her house flooded and she had to move into a new house. This of course broke her heart because all her memories were in the “old house on the hill.”
    Gigi loves to read, had a Kindle and it is now not working. She has a Kindle Fire but “doesn’t like the way it reads” 🙂 She is such a particular old bird!! We discuss a lot of the books we read, although our tastes are sometimes different.
    I would love to see her win a new Kindle!

  • Angela Rose

    I would love to nominate my husband Derrick, We have been hit really hard by the economy so he gave up buying books for himself and since he works long hard hours he never has time to hit the library…This would be a great way to get him back into reading because I cash in my swagbucks for amazon gift cards so I can easily buy him new books to read with out it hurting our bottom line! Seeing his daddy reading for pleasure would really help my year old son want to learn to read too!

  • Christina

    I nominate my husband, Phil. Two reasons, one, his birthday is right before Christmas, so is our daughter’s, and our son’s is four days after Christmas. What does that mean? We don’t exchange gifts with each other as pretty much the entire budget goes towards the kids for Christmas and birthdays.

    Second, he spends a lot of time each day commuting back and forth on the bus to work. He’d get a lot of use of it, and when he goes back to sea duty, it would get a lot of use on the boat, as reading is a good way to make those off-duty hours go by fast!

    And I would love Love Unscripted for my kindle! 🙂

  • Rebecca Schwenk

    I nominate my daughter Kimberly. She does not have one and I am not able to afford to buy her one. I think it would be a wonderful gift for her so she can “escape” into some wonderous journeys and stories and leave the real world behind for a bit and not dwell on the medical problems she faces on a daily basis. I love her very much and hope she is the lucky recipient of this generous gift. Thank you.

  • Angela Rose

    I would love to have love unscripted added to my kindle app collection!

  • Brianna Hensley

    I’d like to nominate my mom, Lori, to win. She has a nasty habit of losing her page. A lot. Constantly actually. I still can’t figure out how. But I love my Paperwhite, and she’s been eyeing it. I think she’s nervous she won’t like it. But I know she will. I mean they ARE awesome. She loves reading as much as I do, and so many of the books I want her to read aren’t necessarily available in paperback. A new kindle would be an amazing gift for her. 🙂

  • Amber Harris

    I am nominating my sister Beth, she has been through a lot this year, from moving because the owner of her house failed to pay his house payments and didn’t tell her till the county posted a foreclose notice on her door, to having to find a new place to live and start over due to the fact that the owner told her to bring nothing the place was furnished…. She works rally hard to maintain and keep her family above water and this year I know has been especially hard for her! I think by winning this she would be able to have something where she could just relax and get lost in a story for a little while!!

    • Amber Harris

      I also would love to have the unscripted added to my collection!!

  • Lesslie Lamphere

    I would like to nominate my mother, Karen. she has been an incredible support system for me my whole life and even more so now as she gives me the guidance I sometimes desperately seek while raising my children. She is currently traveling in a big rig with my father all over the country and it is wearing on her. She completely dislocated her finger last year and had to have surgery on it and it is incredibly difficult for her to operate an 18 wheeler, but she still does it to be able to be with my Dad because he traveled over the road much of my childhood to put food on the table and they have spent enough of their time apart.. an e-reader would be perfect for her to be able to carry on her love of reading when they have downtime or are shut down because of a non-operational period and it will take much less space in their already cramped living space.

  • Amanda

    I nominate my daughter Briana, she is such a sweet kid and does not get near what she deserves. She is an honor roll student, plays in the band, was on the volleyball team, just made the basketball team and has now made it into a UIL math league. I have been in and out of the hospital for the past few years and this has made her, unfortunately, grow up a lot quicker. She is only 13 but could take care of anyone and anything. She is completely amazing and something sweet like this would be another reminder from the world just how great she is.

  • Paola Z

    I nominate my sister Antonella! She is a wonderful sister, she gave me an iPad mini on my birthday cause she knows about my reading obsession. She just started reading books, and even though she doesn’t read that much now, I know she would enjoy a Kindle.

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Lauren Krizan

    I nominate my friend Melinda London. She loves reading it’s her number one passion and has been getting me interested in the e-books as well, and has been wanting a kindle for a long time now. She truly deserves to win- she is a wonderful person and friend!

  • Marci Balk

    I nominate my friend Tara who works 6 days a week and is struggling so hard for christmas that I’d love to see her get something for herself. She has 3 grandchildren who she has no money to buy them anything cause she has to pay for a roof over her head plus she pays monthly for braces for 1 of her grandsons. She would faint if she were to win any kind of kindle.She always hears me brag about awesome books I have read but I can’t share them cause her smart phones screen is cracked and she can’t afford to buy a book.

  • Lyndsie Nightingale

    I nominate my Mom, Tricia. She’s had a rough year… if it’s not her direct is with my siblings or her parents. She can’t catch a break. We both share a love of reading and I would love to put more books at her finger tips… this can do just that. I have to give her credit, she pushed me into reading almost two years ago and it’s now my favorite addiction 🙂

  • Jen Martin

    I nominate my sister Keri. She does so much for everyone, she is not selfish at all. Her first priority is her children and family. She has always been there for me, even when she is stretching herself so thin with all that she does. She is an avid reader and this is how she relaxes at night. She lays in bed with her 2 children and reads to them. She rarely does anything for herself, but so much for others. She truly deserves this

  • Jen Martin

    I would love “Love Unscripted” on my kindle!

  • Jodi Ciorciari-Marinich

    i would choose mi sister tina. she is the best and help me daily with my children. i do not know what i would without her

  • Jodi Ciorciari-Marinich

    this is the best series…love it ..”want Love Unscripted on your Kindle”

  • Jahnai’ Sands

    I nominate my mom, Maureen Parker. My mom is a single mother with two kids(I’m one of course). She is an amazing women who puts everyone above herself even when get efforts go unappreciated(right now, my family is being unappreciative and upsetting her). Right now she is stressing herself thin to keep me in a school I love that is 20 minutes away from where she is and i am staying with an aunt, but she tries to come and stay with me every night. My mother wants to finish school and wants to read(just like me), but does not have the time or space to study when she does go back to school. I know if she had an ereader she can study and get her degree like she wants to. I want her to get that degree because she deserves it. My mother has dreams that I know she can make come true if she just had the background she needs. Having the ereader will at least give her the opportunity to study on the go by getting her textbooks on the reader and having something to entertain her when she needs a break(she needs that more than ever, but says she had no time to take one). She has not asked for anything but a kiss for Christmas(which she gets every year) but I want to do something special for her because she is special to me. She deserves it.

    • Jahnai’ Sands

      Woops put her last name too 🙁

  • Jahnai’ Sands

    I nominate my mom, Maureen. My mom is a single mother with two kids(I’m one of course). She is an amazing women who puts everyone above herself even when get efforts go unappreciated(right now, my family is being unappreciative and upsetting her). Right now she is stressing herself thin to keep me in a school I love that is 20 minutes away from where she is and i am staying with an aunt, but she tries to come and stay with me every night. My mother wants to finish school and wants to read(just like me), but does not have the time or space to study when she does go back to school. I know if she had an ereader she can study and get her degree like she wants to. I want her to get that degree because she deserves it. My mother has dreams that I know she can make come true if she just had the background she needs. Having the ereader will at least give her the opportunity to study on the go by getting her textbooks on the reader and having something to entertain her when she needs a break(she needs that more than ever, but says she had no time to take one). She has not asked for anything but a kiss for Christmas(which she gets every year) but I want to do something special for her because she is special to me. She deserves it.

  • Nicole Warsheski

    i would like to nominate my dear friend Nicoline Trovitch. I met girl over ten years ago and she has never been anything less than a dynamite friend. No matter what is going on in her life she always has a sunny disposition. A few years back, she actually re-lit my reading fire as an adult – we would share books and have a girls night over dinner talking about our favorite characters and what we thought was going to happen next. She is actually an employee of Amazon, but not a kindle owner (she protested when I bought a nook for myself!) I always wanted to surprise her with an e-reader so she would be able to take her love of reading everywhere her heart desired!

  • Rachel Hollis

    I would love to be able to give my mom (Becky) a kindle. The reason why I picked my mom is because she is always giving to everyone else in the family and close friends she wont buy much for herself. She rather make sure that everyone has. Growing up she is the one that showed us that it is not always about getting stuff it is about love and giving to those who may have it worse then what we did. Growing up we didn’t get much but my sister and I was never unhappy we knew how to take care of our stuff and we was always thankful for what we did have. If my mom was wearing her only shirt left and someone needed it she would give it to the person. Also she loves to read. She is the one that was always getting me to get to love reading. I have dyslexia. It was only about 4 years ago that I started to really enjoy reading. So now with me reading it is one more thing that my mother and I can share with each other.

  • Mary C.

    I would LOVE Love Unscripted on my Kindle!

  • Mary C.

    I would love to nominate my daughter Cecelia to win a Paperwhite. We have finally completed all her applications for college and all but one of the submitted applications are across the country. She is a wonderful student and we are so proud of her. She loves to read and ends up stealing my tablet to read her books on but she is for sure not taking my tablet so I would love for her to have her own while I am sure she will end up far away from home for the first time she can continue her love of reading while away. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!

  • Cassie Phillips

    I would like to nominate my friend Jennifer. She is a SAHM to two toddlers, a FT college student and military wife (which her husband just got back from being gone around 7 months). She is an avid reader and I know she would love this. She recently told me they weren’t going to have much of a Christmas due to unexpected bills, so they were just going to be able to get a few things for her kids. It would be awesome if you were able to receive something too 🙂

  • beverly anne

    I nominate liezel, i met her because i won one of her blog giveaways. She’s a wife, mother, daughter, friend and she run her own blog, i don’t know how she do it but she is good in balancinh her time. she loves to read she doesn’t have a kindle, she reads on mobile app or paperback and when she was she has reading problems but now she reads everyday.

  • Lisa Rutledge

    I would love to nominate my younger sister, Ann. Ann is currently a stay at home mother, who also spends her time getting her degree in Early Childhood Development, while raising her two small children, who are under the age of two. My nephew is 16 months, and my niece is 2 months old. She, her husband, and two children currently reside in the state of Washington, where her husband is in the USAF. For the last year or so, I have allowed my sister to log onto my amazon account and read all of the books that I have, via Cloud Reader or on her app for her phone. Unfortunately, for Ann, they aren’t able to splurge and purchase an ereader for her. She is beyond deserving for this amazing gift from you. Ann is one of those moms/sisters/friends who goes out of their way to please or help someone. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for this opportunity! <3

  • Krupa Patel

    I’d love to give one away because I love my original kindle!

  • Krupa Patel

    It’s give it to my friend and coworker Heather, she doesn’t have one and reads way to much! She can’t afford one because she has student loans and works two jobs just to cover everything. I would let her borrow mine when I wasn’t too share a book but I NEED mine.

  • Sue Rowe

    My post disappeared- so I am re-posting. I nominate my cousin Michelle in Illinois. She LOVES to read! She was forced into early retirement due to health issues/ disability and is on a fixed income. In her current situation, she would not spend a couple hundred dollars on her self for a Kindle – but I know she would get amazing joy from one. Thanks for considering her : )

  • kristibug

    I nominate my friend Sonya! She volunteers at school, she helps in Girl Scouts, she is super busy all the time and her kids have a Kindle Fire that she has to steal to read. She needs a paperwhite so she doesn’t have to read under the covers with a light!

  • Camisha Seaman

    I would like to nominate my niece Marissa. This girl needs a cool gift like this. I am forever trying to encourage her to read more and I think this would help.

  • Jessica Stoecker

    I nominate my co-worker Deondra. All of us ladies at my job has an e-reader of some kind and she tries to keep up with us and our discussing with books but doesn’t have an e-reader herself. She reads off her kindle app on her phone. Shes a great single mom and puts her son first and deserves a kindle for her Me-time. She loves reading. I think it would be great for her to win.

  • Cézanne Dilbert

    I nominate my friend Gabbie. She has become such a great friend to me these last few months. She’s a wife and mother and she’s sacrificing the things you wants and needs to order to work toward her dream of writing. She would love to have one for Christmas but things her kids need are more important.
    For myself I would love to have Unscripted on my kindle. 🙂

  • lisa

    I nominate my daughter, Krystina. She just recently got married and is going thru some hard times job wise, but she tries to keep a good attitude. She loves to read and is in the process of trying to write a book. I would love for her to have this to be able to relax and chill with a book.

  • Kristi Correll

    I nominate my sister Kelly because she is everything that a sister should be and deserves this and much more. I talk books with her all the time, yet she chooses to carry around paperbacks because she doesn’t want to “spring for” an e-reader therefore missing some of the great Indie readers who don’t have actual books out yet. I would love for her to win!

  • Maz Craggs

    I would like to nominate all the lovely people below this post. For taking time to nominate a person. I’m gutted as I’m in the uk so can’t nominate a friend of mine.

  • Michele Wood McCamley

    I nominate my friend Christi. We work for the same agency, but in different offices so we don’t actually see each other often but our love of books brought us together and we talk books all the time! She has been dealing with a lot of personal and family stuff the past few months and could really use a shot of Christmas spirit. She has such a good heart and is always thinking of others, even though she is dealing with so much in her own life. I would love for her to win one of the Kindles! She deserves it and would really appreciate it! (And I’m sure we would both cry, because we’re emotional/sappy like that.) 🙂

  • lisa

    I want Love Unscripted on my Kindle, even though I don’t have one and use the pc app on my desktop

  • Amber Reynolds Gholston

    I would love to nominate my nine year old nephew Michael. He wants to read so badly but is learning disabled. He fights so hard!
    I think a Kindle would help him immensely.

  • Daneiva Ramirez

    I would like to nominate the most important person in my life…my son Felipe Flores, I am so thankful to God to have such a blessing in my life. He is a brilliant 9 year old, since Kinder he has been a straight A student. He loves to read and would enjoy it very much.

  • Jodie Rigsby Roach

    I nominate my mom Debbie for the Kindle! We don’t live close to each other and over the years we’ve become closer to one another because of reading. If she had a Kindle it would be easier for her to access books for us to share and maybe bring us a little closer!

  • Jodie Rigsby Roach

    I would love Love Unscripted for my Kindle app on my iPhone.

  • Deanna Love

    I nominate my mother!! She loves to read she is the one who started my love of reading and she just lost her mom 3 weeks ago and I know it won’t make it better but I would love to make her smile a little!!

  • Dawn Goehring

    My friend Jennifer needs a Kindle Paperwhite. My girlfriends and I worked on her for a couple hours last Saturday night trying to convince her to join this century. We brought one out and demonstrated and everything. Suggested she ask for one for her hubby for Christmas. If only she could get one to try out, I know she would love it!

  • Dawn Goehring

    I want Love Unscripted on my Kindle!

  • Dena Kendig


  • Shannon Blackwell-Williams

    I really want Love Unscripted & Love Unrehearsed for my Kindle!! They sound amazing!!

  • S.l. Wolford

    This is an awesome contest.

    I nominate my aunt Cindi. She has MS and is on disability, unable to work any longer. She loves to read and spends her time reading. A kindle would be great for her.

  • Donna Murphy

    I nominate Chase. He’s my best friend and my son. He’s in his 4th year at college and going one more year to get a major and minor. He makes the Dean’s list every term. He could really use this for textbooks and other reference books he needs. He wouldn’t have to go search for them or wait for them to be delivered. I believe he deserves this because of what a hard worker he is. I had a spinal cord injury his freshman year in high school. Being it’s just me and him at home, he took on alot of the household chores. During this, he kept up his grades, did sports all year, and gave up alot of his free time. I haven’t been able to help with much as far as college goes. He’s earned really god scholarships and the loans he has are his own. It would be nice to give him something that could help him out and save him some money. Thanks for the chance!

  • Donna Murphy

    I would love to have a copy of Love Unscripted for my kindle!!! That would be awesome!!!