I had my first library card at the age of four and below is the picture to prove it. My mom was a part-time librarian at the Coplay Library for 29 years, where I spent a good portion of my time growing up attending “story hour” every day after school.

I always chose the hot pink colored carpet to sit on to listen to the amazing stories that were read to us and eventually begged my parents to install the same hot pink carpeting in my bedroom. That’s when I learned that “wall to wall” carpeting DIDN’T mean that my walls would be covered in hot pink carpeting too. It was a sad day.

No, my mother is not in the picture, but some of my longtime friends and neighbors are. You can hate me for posting this picture of us later. I think it’s cute.

Coplay Library

My education and background is in Business Analysis, Corporate Training, Banking, Accounting, and IT Design – but that was just to pay the bills. Creative, artsy stuff – from jewelry design to painting and writing – have always been my passion. Back in the day, I was also a bartender, a short-order cook, waitress, and horse trail guide, so I can make a mean mixed drink while making sandwiches and saddling horses.

I live a quiet, drama-free life in Pennsylvania with my husband, our ten year-old son who is growing like a weed, a Keeshond and two Mini Schnauzers, and an Eclectus Parrot named Percy.



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