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I can’t wait for this!  I’m even going to go a bit fangirl as some of my favorite authors will be there too! 

Here is the link to the BAE event, March 16, 2013 in Boston!
Boston Author Event


I received the following question from a reader, and I thought more of you might like to know the answer to it, so here goes:



 I am just curious, where did you get your insight on what it is like to be a celebrity and be followed like Ryan and Taryn are? Also, what it is like to have a bodyguard, do movies, walk the red carpet and so on and on and on. For a while, while I was reading the books I wondered if it was a celebrity writing it under a ghost name. It really became quite real to me for a while. Very interesting. These books really got under my skin and gave me a real inside look on the side of things from a celebrity point of view. Thanks again for that.


It all came from doing hundreds of hours of research.  I’ve watched tons of film footage and Youtube videos. I’ve studied celebrity interviews, behind the scenes footage, and thousands of paparazzi shots to get the inside look at everything from celebrities arriving at premiers to them running from fans and photograhers.  While you are busy watching the celebrity arrival, I’m watching what’s going on around them.  How does their bodyguards move them from place to place?  What role does the manager, the agent, the publicist play in the appearance? 

I scour through celebrity gossip sites, gleaning as much as I can.  I’ve interviewed a bodyguard who has worked private detail in NYC for several well-known celebrities.  I’ve also researched how to become a bodyguard, programs and courses available, and noted that female bodyguards are in demand.  Why?  Because they tend to blend in more with the celebrity entourage.  You know Prince Williams’ wife, Kate?  She has a female bodyguard who is just as lethal as any male.   Assailants don’t consider females to be a challenge or that they are even part of the security team, until SHE has you flat on your ass.  Lady Gaga has two bodyguards.  Recently she was filmed leaving her hotel and while she was still in the lobby, an enamoured male fan tried to get her autograph.  The two man team was important; one has the job of securing the primary (the celebrity) while the other neutralizes the threat.  Her bodyguard kneeled on the guy’s head until Lady Gaga was secure in her car. 

I have an entire binder of film terminology, movie crew job title descriptions, publicity agreements, appearance riders, and have researched several celebrity lawsuits.  I may or may not have copies of police handbook to classify offenses.  I interviewed about 5 police officers just for the scene where Ryan scuffles with the photographer in Pittsburgh. 

 In Love Unscripted, the police/ambulance scene was choreographed with a friend who is an EMT.   

 So in summary, no – I’m not a celebrity hiding behind a ficticious name.  I’m just a mom, a wife, and a tenacious researcher, doing what I can to make it as real as possible.


In celebration of the re-release of Love Unscripted under Atria’s imprint and the debut of its sequel, Love Unrehearsed, I’ve decided to go big or go home. 


           I am giving away FIVE Kindle Fires.  Yep, you ‘ve read correctly – FIVE.  I’m also giving away gifted copies (via Amazon or Barnes and Noble) of one or both of my novels!

I feel like Crazy Eddie as this giveaway is INSANE!!!

So you want a chance to win one of these fancy gadgets?  

Come on…. you know you want one.  You will never know how you lived without one for so long.  Think of the possibilities of carrying so many books in your purse.  Hmm…

Okay, now onto the Giveaway.  I’ve enlisted the help of my most favorite book bloggers in the world to help me choose the winners. 

To win, you must visit their sites and enter.  They will pick a name and I will send the devices directly from Amazon to the lucky winners.

So there are several awesome blogs to visit, several contests to enter for your chance to get a new ereader.



The participating blogs are as follows:


 Ana’s Diary is giving away an electronic copy of either Love Unscripted or if you have it already, Love Unrehearsed for either Nook or Kindle.


COMING SOON!   An interview and Kindle Fire giveaway with my lovely friends over at

After much work, Love Unrehearsed will be released in paperback and ebook form on Amazon on August 31st, 2012.
Sometime in mid September, once my agreement with Kindle Prime lending is over, both Love Unscripted and Love Unrehearsed will be released in other formats for B&N Nook, as well as on Smashwords for other ereaders. Stay tuned for more info.

Today’s mind rant started because of a song.  Obviously.

After all, 99.99999% of my thoughts have some sort of musical overtone to them.  People speak and I instantly recall songs where those same words were used in the lyrics.

For example, someone might say, “You’re crazy.”

Synapses happen and memory recall sings in Patsy Cline’s voice, “Crazy.  I’m crazy for feeling so lonely.”  Then Ozzy starts to laugh and “I’m going off the rails on a crazy train” blares from ginormous concert speakers.

I know… I’m not sick, but I’m not well.  Hey!  Wait!  Isn’t that a song?

Music plays a huge role in the internal workings of my mind.  The thrum of the beat, the lyrics flowing their obscure messages, my senses picking up on key words that incite other thoughts, memories of days of misspent youth.

My favorite radio station played a cover of “Never Say Never.”  NINE words of the chorus sent me into a tailspin of thoughts, all rushing through at once while I was driving down Route 329.  When I got to my destination, I could not remember driving there. 

“I might like you better if we slept together.”

I write women’s fiction/romance (and oh, by the way.. I plan on putting those 9 words in Love Unrehearsed somewhere so no copying).  Add to that the fact that my mind is perpetually in the gutter.  Memories of the 1980’s and some young guy in a leather motorcycle jacket that I swear I could still smell flowed in after that, causing a tickle and rush in my lower belly.  New scenes, dialogue, and plans for Love Unrehearsed jumped right on top of the dog pile. 

Torments of trying to determine who originally sang that song then caused the massive Google search.   Soon I had my answer.  Romeo Void, 1982.  Further proof that some of my brain cells that I didn’t kill in the 80’s still exist.

So far today, every time I get up from my computer, each step I take is done to the tune of that song.  I feel the urge to sneak beer in my massive purse, steal some guy’s leather jacket again to wear as proof of my rebellion, wear a few safety pins on my jeans, lie to my parents, and have some fun in the back seat of a car.

Right after I take a nap.

My Talisman



Some people are superstitious.  Some folks are fanatically religious, while others (like myself) believe in Karma and Fate.

I’ve always been the type of person that has some sort of personal memento hidden in the depths of my pockets or purse.   A key, a guitar pick, a smashed penny.   Things you’d deem rather trivial, meaningless.  For me, those objects held a large cache of memories – the door that the key opened, the feel of the boy’s lips who gave me that guitar pick, the group of friends who all carried a smashed penny.

My personal mementos have evolved, and I no longer have my most sacred talisman hidden. In fact, I wear it around my neck every day. Why? Karma and Fate.

Dangling on a long, silken cord are the things that remind me of who I am, what is important to me, and what my goals are.

Three initials: an “R” a “T” and a “C”

My husband, Cory, who is my rock and my biggest fan.

My Son, Ryan, who blesses me every day with the gift of motherhood. He is my legacy.

And Me… “T” as I’ve been known to be called by my closest friends. This is ME and MY sense of worth.

These initials also represent the two fictitious people who have given my life an entirely new meaning: Ryan and Taryn and their love that I am blessed to bring you in fiction. The “C” representing Christensen, his family name and one Taryn will take in marriage one day.

The crystal studded heart – two hearts twined together – is what life is all about. Finding that other being that makes you a better person and loves you beyond your flaws.

The black memory stick contains all of my writing. Novels, notes, pictures, book cuts, PDF files, marketing files, and is my lifeline to Ryan and Taryn and the world I’ve created for them.

The red memory stick is a back up of my lifeline – the life preserver, which is also backed up on 2 other computers as a failsafe.

And the last item – a simple word on a simple charm – DREAM.

So these are my dreams, my hopes, my aspirations, and my values – tied together on one endless circle.

What does your talisman look like?


I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know diddly-squat when it comes to converting file content for the hundreds of gadgets that are on the market to allow you to read your favorite books on the go. 

One of my friends figured out how to convert the PDF form of Love Unscripted, which will soon be for sale to the masses, for her Kindle and iPhone.  I am not going to retype all of her wonderful information and screen shots, so I will do the easy thing and just post a quick link to jump to Tacie’s blog.  Here you go.


My husband told me tonight that since I’ve become so successful and famous it’s only fitting that I get stalked by the paparazzi. 

Found these pesky photogs hanging around my  front door when I came home.  They blinded me with their flashing cameras and annoying questions.  Now I really know how Ryan Christensen and Taryn Mitchell feel!

Of course this was his idea of both a joke and a Christmas present that finally arrived in the mail. 

Smile for the cameras everyone!  You’re famous too!

My Excuses


You often hear about writers suffering from “Writer’s Block,” those periods of time where you really, really, really want to write something brilliant but the ideas for new content just don’t seem to flow. 

Then there are those pesky moments when a simple “yes” or “no” response by a character could send the storyline into an entirely new direction and you, as the writer, have to think out the reprocussions stemming from those single words before committting to it.    Does he get mad?  Would she be sad?   Ugh, human emotions.

For me, my greatest reasons, excuses, distractions, for not getting my second novel written fast enough can be neatly summed up in this one picture. 

A 7 year old, a parrot that loves to canoodle, trying to write in the living room (so I’m not an absent mother), television, and um…. Facebook.




 I am Number 4 on Amazon’s Bestsellers in Women’s Fiction today! 

Someone pinch me!  No, on second thought, just let me bask in this moment for another 24 hours.  To see my novel listed right next to Jodi Picoult is just mindblowing.  Thank you, book gods and all the readers out there giving me a chance to wow you.