I am so excited about this!  Atria Books and I are running a contest and one lucky winner will have the opportunity to have their words appear on the back of Love Unscripted! 

You heard me – one of my fans will have their blurb the back of Love Unscripted! 

So what is a blurb?  Well, it’s your thoughts, feelings condensed into a sentence or two about your reading experience of Love Unscripted and/or how you felt about my writing. 

 This sentence or two will be printed on the back of Love Unscripted’s cover when we go to printing the physical books.

 What do you have to do?   Write a sentence or two and post them on TWITTER ONLY using the hashtag #loveUnscripted.  One winner will be chosen to have their words placed on the back cover!!!!  

 So there are rules.  Please check this link to follow them:  http://pages.simonandschuster.com/love-unscripted-contest/

 Contest ends Thursday, September 20th – so hurry and enter!!! 

  Good Luck!



In celebration of the re-release of Love Unscripted under Atria’s imprint and the debut of its sequel, Love Unrehearsed, I’ve decided to go big or go home. 


           I am giving away FIVE Kindle Fires.  Yep, you ‘ve read correctly – FIVE.  I’m also giving away gifted copies (via Amazon or Barnes and Noble) of one or both of my novels!

I feel like Crazy Eddie as this giveaway is INSANE!!!

So you want a chance to win one of these fancy gadgets?  

Come on…. you know you want one.  You will never know how you lived without one for so long.  Think of the possibilities of carrying so many books in your purse.  Hmm…

Okay, now onto the Giveaway.  I’ve enlisted the help of my most favorite book bloggers in the world to help me choose the winners. 

To win, you must visit their sites and enter.  They will pick a name and I will send the devices directly from Amazon to the lucky winners.

So there are several awesome blogs to visit, several contests to enter for your chance to get a new ereader.



The participating blogs are as follows:




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 Ana’s Diary is giving away an electronic copy of either Love Unscripted or if you have it already, Love Unrehearsed for either Nook or Kindle.



COMING SOON!   An interview and Kindle Fire giveaway with my lovely friends over at http://girlsinthestacks.com

After much work, Love Unrehearsed will be released in paperback and ebook form on Amazon on August 31st, 2012.
Sometime in mid September, once my agreement with Kindle Prime lending is over, both Love Unscripted and Love Unrehearsed will be released in other formats for B&N Nook, as well as on Smashwords for other ereaders. Stay tuned for more info.

What started out as a fun night with my husband, son, and friends turned into the most amazing night of revelations and an incredible story of tenacity and survival. 

Let me start at the beginning. I was having dinner with hubby, our 8-year-old birthday boy, and our friends Missy, Craig, and their two children at a local restaurant/family fun center. No matter where I am or whatever I’m doing, the Writer’s Brain never shuts off.

I’ve been toggling with spin off story lines from Love Unscripted involving bodyguard Kyle Trent’s brothers. I’ve given Kyle three brothers: Adam, Michael, and Jason, and I have their stories pretty much outlined and first chapter bare bones typed. Every writer has different methods of character development and for these three brothers I have a good idea of what makes them tick.

 Jason’s story was the last one I had developed. He’s in his 30’s, is living outside of DC, and he’s just returned from Hell. He was a medic aboard an Army helicopter, was captured, endures things that no man wants to even imagine, and when he’s back on US soil he is missing the lower half of his left leg. So what does all of this have to do with dinner last night? I’m getting to that.

I started writing Jason’s opening scenes – those first few sentences that let’s us get to know him. What’s his situation? What are his struggles? What is it that he is going to have to overcome and grow from as the story progresses? Is he on tons of medication? Does he have nightmares? Flashbacks? Happy? Sad? Pissed off at the world? And what the hell is the name of the Palomino mare he’s struggling to hold on to while cursing that she’s pulling him off balance?

These details are all of those things that let’s us become intimately acquainted with the character. Tidbits of a man and his struggles that I have never personally experienced. So – so much for writing about what I know.

I do a lot of research. I have to or else readers like you will become disconnected from the material and angry because the fiction isn’t factual. How the hell can I write about a man who has lost a limb? The closest I’ve ever been to relating to that was when I broke my right ankle and had to figure out creative ways to shower with a cast on. And let me tell ya, there is only so much you can glean from Google.

So I’m in mid sentence at the dinner table, trying to be sociable without talking while chewing on pizza, and I notice a young man sitting with his girlfriend and another couple a few tables away. His cowboy hat first caught my eye and then, to get comfortable, I notice him disconnect his prosthetic leg. The urge to spring out of my chair and talk to him was overwhelming. I literally clawed the table to stay put. I wanted to talk to him in the worst way but then the waitress brought him this monster sized hamburger and there was no way I was going to be rude and interrupt the man’s dinner. Rule #2 (I think) is NEVER COME BETWEEN A MAN AND HIS FOOD.

I left the man and his burger in peace. Research would have to wait. I could deal with feeling bummed about a missed opportunity – that’s why I ordered a double Gin and Tonic.

And then – as fate would have it – I see him in the game center with his friends. Like a freaking psycho stalker crazy author chick I watched, observed, and finally – after a small freak out in front of hubby and Missy about wanting to talk to the guy – I got the nerve to approach him.

“Hi, my name is Tina. I write romance novels. I’m a partial lunatic with twenty imaginary friends who really needs to ask you questions about life.”

His name is Kyle, and by some stroke of luck or grace, he’s willing to talk to me. I ask him a barrage of questions, storing each answer in my brain file labeled “Jason Trent.” I started out gentle and benign and then got personal. Those things that we take for granted every day: showering, sleeping, dealing with pain, struggling with the emotional aftermath, making love to his girl. (oh, you know I had to go there – I write Romance novels, people! And as an added bonus, I met his lovely girlfriend who happens to be a new Kindle owner and is just as obsessed about Christian and his Fifty Shades as the rest of us. OMG! It was instant love!  And if that wasn’t mind-blowing enough, Kyle rides horses as well – same as Mr. Jason Trent.)

Kyle tells me his story. How he was driving down the highway minding his own business when his life changed forever. Another car started it and I sort of blacked out mentally when he described when the tractor trailer got involved and drug his car 500, 5,000 – too damn many feet far for my rational brain to handle.

And then, to top it all off, once the dust started to settle, Kyle’s car caught fire. A passerby happened to be a medic and tried to get Kyle out, but his leg was pinned. Let’s just say field surgery was performed on the final few inches of attached flesh and Kyle’s leg from slightly below the knee down stayed twisted in the wreckage.

Kyle was flown by Medevac to the hospital.

Apparently it was not his time to go. My jaw dropped when he showed me pictures of his car or technically, what was left of it. And then he tells me he was back to work in only four months! Holy shit! Just from talking to him I could tell he’s the kind of guy who says “watch me” and or “F-You” when someone tells him he can’t do something.

I learned a lot. My heart and mind are now forever altered from meeting and knowing him.

Just know that when Jason’s fictitious story is written, a tenacious survivor named Kyle from Pennsylvania is woven all around him.

Here are pictures of what’s left of Kyle’s car. 






I am proud to announce the release of Love Unscripted for Amazon Kindle. 
It’s been a labor intensive process, but it’s finally done and available on the US, DE, and UK Amazon Kindle sites.
Here are the links to jump you to them. 


Amazon.com USA site – CLICK HERE


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Please inform your Kindle Lovin’  friends to get your copy today!

Congratulations to

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Winners of the Goodreads.com reader giveaway!

I hope you enjoy every word!


On April 10th I will be giving away 2 copies of Love Unscripted to two lucky winners, selected randomly by the good people at Goodreads.com.  This contest is restricted to US residents only.  Sorry.  Enter today for your chance to win an autographed copy.  Please pass the word along and make it a good contest!

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Love Unscripted by Tina Reber

Love Unscripted

by Tina Reber

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Today’s mind rant started because of a song.  Obviously.

After all, 99.99999% of my thoughts have some sort of musical overtone to them.  People speak and I instantly recall songs where those same words were used in the lyrics.

For example, someone might say, “You’re crazy.”

Synapses happen and memory recall sings in Patsy Cline’s voice, “Crazy.  I’m crazy for feeling so lonely.”  Then Ozzy starts to laugh and “I’m going off the rails on a crazy train” blares from ginormous concert speakers.

I know… I’m not sick, but I’m not well.  Hey!  Wait!  Isn’t that a song?

Music plays a huge role in the internal workings of my mind.  The thrum of the beat, the lyrics flowing their obscure messages, my senses picking up on key words that incite other thoughts, memories of days of misspent youth.

My favorite radio station played a cover of “Never Say Never.”  NINE words of the chorus sent me into a tailspin of thoughts, all rushing through at once while I was driving down Route 329.  When I got to my destination, I could not remember driving there. 

“I might like you better if we slept together.”

I write women’s fiction/romance (and oh, by the way.. I plan on putting those 9 words in Love Unrehearsed somewhere so no copying).  Add to that the fact that my mind is perpetually in the gutter.  Memories of the 1980’s and some young guy in a leather motorcycle jacket that I swear I could still smell flowed in after that, causing a tickle and rush in my lower belly.  New scenes, dialogue, and plans for Love Unrehearsed jumped right on top of the dog pile. 

Torments of trying to determine who originally sang that song then caused the massive Google search.   Soon I had my answer.  Romeo Void, 1982.  Further proof that some of my brain cells that I didn’t kill in the 80’s still exist.

So far today, every time I get up from my computer, each step I take is done to the tune of that song.  I feel the urge to sneak beer in my massive purse, steal some guy’s leather jacket again to wear as proof of my rebellion, wear a few safety pins on my jeans, lie to my parents, and have some fun in the back seat of a car.

Right after I take a nap.


Since it is taking me F O R E V E R to get the ebook versions of Love Unscripted published, I am making available the entire novel in PDF form.

Visit the “P u r c h a s e  t h e   B o o k” link on the right side menu bar.  The choice for purchasing the PDF is last in the list of purchase options. 

The PDF is well below the paper version, at on $9.99.  This file is confirmed to work on KINDLE readers.  I know – I own one and have tested it, of course!

Once payment is confirmed, I will email the file to you.  Please be patient; I only look at my emails 20 times a day and it may take an hour or so for me to get back to you.  I am also working on an automated store, but I am running out of arms, fingers, and time to do all the things I need to do.

My Talisman



Some people are superstitious.  Some folks are fanatically religious, while others (like myself) believe in Karma and Fate.

I’ve always been the type of person that has some sort of personal memento hidden in the depths of my pockets or purse.   A key, a guitar pick, a smashed penny.   Things you’d deem rather trivial, meaningless.  For me, those objects held a large cache of memories – the door that the key opened, the feel of the boy’s lips who gave me that guitar pick, the group of friends who all carried a smashed penny.

My personal mementos have evolved, and I no longer have my most sacred talisman hidden. In fact, I wear it around my neck every day. Why? Karma and Fate.

Dangling on a long, silken cord are the things that remind me of who I am, what is important to me, and what my goals are.

Three initials: an “R” a “T” and a “C”

My husband, Cory, who is my rock and my biggest fan.

My Son, Ryan, who blesses me every day with the gift of motherhood. He is my legacy.

And Me… “T” as I’ve been known to be called by my closest friends. This is ME and MY sense of worth.

These initials also represent the two fictitious people who have given my life an entirely new meaning: Ryan and Taryn and their love that I am blessed to bring you in fiction. The “C” representing Christensen, his family name and one Taryn will take in marriage one day.

The crystal studded heart – two hearts twined together – is what life is all about. Finding that other being that makes you a better person and loves you beyond your flaws.

The black memory stick contains all of my writing. Novels, notes, pictures, book cuts, PDF files, marketing files, and is my lifeline to Ryan and Taryn and the world I’ve created for them.

The red memory stick is a back up of my lifeline – the life preserver, which is also backed up on 2 other computers as a failsafe.

And the last item – a simple word on a simple charm – DREAM.

So these are my dreams, my hopes, my aspirations, and my values – tied together on one endless circle.

What does your talisman look like?