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It all started with one super-awesome woman named Anna from a town called Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey.  For those of you who may not know where that is, the Isle of Sheppey is a land mass that juts off the south-eastern coast of the United Kingdom.  

Anna was and will always be my first fan from the UK.  We corresponded, friended each other on Facebook, and instant messaged a hundred times.  It helped that she loved my book, my writing, and eventually – me!  From a random friending a real friendship was born, one that I cherrish dearly.

Anna became my personal cheerleader, convincing her friends and family to become my fans too, telling them that my book was a “must read,” and giving me daily doses of encouragement and friendship.

To show my overwhelming gratitude to those new friends and fans from Anna’s hometown, I conducted a Facebook contest.  The rules were simple:

1)  You had to be a Facebook friend of Anna, her mother, Annie, or her sister, Odette (my wonderful extended family from the UK)

2)  You had to post how you knew one of them

3) and you had to tell me in your words how wonderful they were.

Soon after that, responses were posted – telling me stories of how Anna is a fantastic mother, how she is type of women and friend who would go out of their way to help you, and in many other words – all are blessed to call her “friend.”

I, too, am blessed to call you Friend, Anna.

So as my gift to the people who cherrish you, names were drawn and the three ladies to receive a free copy of Love Unscripted are:

Christine Pollard

Becca Lewis

Georgina Garrett


Love is truly unscripted.  It comes from the heart and is meant to be given freely.   Love knows no borders and no boundaries.    I hope you too continue to spread the love. 




I am so thrilled that Amazon chose Love Unscripted as it’s feature book for September 16 through the 24th, 2010!

What an honor to be listed on the same page with Nora Roberts and Jennifer Crusie!!!  Somebody pinch me!

BlogFest 2010!!

What is BlogFest 2010?

Oh, it’s just a massive amount of book bloggers (over 250!) all having giveaways at the same time! All the fun starts at midnight on the 10th and ends at 11:59 pm on the 12th. For more information and a full list of participants head over to A Journey of Books.

Pretty cool, huh?