Elizabeth Barrett Browning said it best:  

Let me count the ways


Okay, I’m going to get really sentimental on you now, so be prepared for some mushiness.  You see, several months ago I sent request after request out to book bloggers asking for them to review my novel.   I’m pretty sure I even said “please” about 10 times in each e-mail. 

 Within hours, the “sorry but I don’t have time, I don’t review self-published authors, send me a sample and mmmaaaaayyyyybeee I’ll glance at it if I get to it” e-mails landed in my inbox. 

It was discouraging.  It was aggrivating.  It sucked.

But I kept trying.

And then a small miracle happened.  I received a response from Shannan, who was willing to give me a read.   She stepped into my personal life’s story and I feel honored to know her and the other “Girls in the Stacks.”

 A few weeks ago I met Rita, somehow managed to convince her to read Chapter 1, and from there a wonderful friendship has emerged.   She too has blessed me with kind words, mental support, and space on her blog.

 I will never forget all of those amazing people who have so  graciously helped me along this most amazing journey. 

 Anna, Georgina, Nicole, Shannan and Rita just to name a few. 

Your support, encouragement, and friendship means the world to me and I appreciate everything you have done and continue to do more than you know. 

As many of you know, I am currently writing the sequel to Love Unscripted, titled Love Unrehearsed, and I am proud to have my support team be a part of it.  

You will be forever immortalized in Fiction!


Shannan – I never go back on a promise.  You will be one of the very few who will see the final manuscript when it’s finished.    Shannan will make a guest appearance in Love Unrehearsed.


To see Shannan and The Girls In the Stack’s Blog – Click Here  


See how excited she is? (and I haven’t even sent her any pages of  her character dialogue yet!)


Rita – I don’t need a DNA test to know we were separated at birth, despite our minor age difference!  To see Rita’s Blog – Click Here


Crazy Aunt Rita will be making a guest appearance in Love Unrehearsed.


Check out her blog.  She’s got some really cool pictures of freaky people wearing body paint down in the Florida Keys too.