Some people are superstitious.  Some folks are fanatically religious, while others (like myself) believe in Karma and Fate.

I’ve always been the type of person that has some sort of personal memento hidden in the depths of my pockets or purse.   A key, a guitar pick, a smashed penny.   Things you’d deem rather trivial, meaningless.  For me, those objects held a large cache of memories – the door that the key opened, the feel of the boy’s lips who gave me that guitar pick, the group of friends who all carried a smashed penny.

My personal mementos have evolved, and I no longer have my most sacred talisman hidden. In fact, I wear it around my neck every day. Why? Karma and Fate.

Dangling on a long, silken cord are the things that remind me of who I am, what is important to me, and what my goals are.

Three initials: an “R” a “T” and a “C”

My husband, Cory, who is my rock and my biggest fan.

My Son, Ryan, who blesses me every day with the gift of motherhood. He is my legacy.

And Me… “T” as I’ve been known to be called by my closest friends. This is ME and MY sense of worth.

These initials also represent the two fictitious people who have given my life an entirely new meaning: Ryan and Taryn and their love that I am blessed to bring you in fiction. The “C” representing Christensen, his family name and one Taryn will take in marriage one day.

The crystal studded heart – two hearts twined together – is what life is all about. Finding that other being that makes you a better person and loves you beyond your flaws.

The black memory stick contains all of my writing. Novels, notes, pictures, book cuts, PDF files, marketing files, and is my lifeline to Ryan and Taryn and the world I’ve created for them.

The red memory stick is a back up of my lifeline – the life preserver, which is also backed up on 2 other computers as a failsafe.

And the last item – a simple word on a simple charm – DREAM.

So these are my dreams, my hopes, my aspirations, and my values – tied together on one endless circle.

What does your talisman look like?