I am so excited about this!  Atria Books and I are running a contest and one lucky winner will have the opportunity to have their words appear on the back of Love Unscripted! 

You heard me – one of my fans will have their blurb the back of Love Unscripted! 

So what is a blurb?  Well, it’s your thoughts, feelings condensed into a sentence or two about your reading experience of Love Unscripted and/or how you felt about my writing. 

 This sentence or two will be printed on the back of Love Unscripted’s cover when we go to printing the physical books.

 What do you have to do?   Write a sentence or two and post them on TWITTER ONLY using the hashtag #loveUnscripted.  One winner will be chosen to have their words placed on the back cover!!!!  

 So there are rules.  Please check this link to follow them:  http://pages.simonandschuster.com/love-unscripted-contest/

 Contest ends Thursday, September 20th – so hurry and enter!!! 

  Good Luck!