I cannot believe 2013 is almost over. This year has been so magical, so wonderful, and as Thanksgiving has just passed and Christmas and New Year are days away, I can’t help but reminisce and reflect on how truly blessed my year has been.

Not only have my wonderful readers helped me achieve the dream of getting on the New York Times Best Sellers List, you have shown me so much love, I can only hope I deserved it.

I have had the privilege of traveling all around the United States in 2013, from Boston to Seattle, from Florida to Texas, and even all the way to the coast of California, to MEET and HUG and LOVE so many wonderful readers from all around the globe.

I never thought that writing the stories in my head would GIFT me with so many amazing friendships, too. That just blows my mind that such a thing would even be possible, let alone my reality.  And the power of electronic tools allows us to talk every day, to share our loves, our woes, our triumphs, our setbacks. I am so grateful for the community that we’ve built together, and being a part of it every day makes me want to be a better person, a better friend, a better author.

All of this warm and cozy wonderfulness was made possible because we all have a common thread that ties us together – an unwavering love of reading.

Throughout the year, I’ve tried my best to give something back to my readers, and this holiday time is the perfect time to end 2013 on a high note by giving the gift of reading to a few lucky folks. The drawing for winners will take place on December 18, 2013.

But before we go on, there are a FEW RULES to this End of 2013 giveaway.

Yeah, I know. Rules schmooles. Sorry… here goes.


I am giving away 3 Kindle Paperwhites BUT the Paperwhites ARE NOT YOURS TO KEEP.

That’s right – we are going to embrace the TRUE MEANING of selflessness this holiday season.  These devices are not for you, but for YOU TO GIVE THE GIFT OF READING TO SOMEONE ELSE.

THREE WINNERS will be selected to receive a brand new Kindle Paperwhite. I will be giving one of them away.  I have given two of my very special blogger friends, Aestas Book Blog and Autumn Review, Paperwhites to give away too, so make sure you see the links below.

To enter to win, you must post a comment nominating someone else (first name only) who you feel deserves to win and a brief reason why. I want to know why this person is so special to you and why they should get a special present from Reber Santa.

Yes, you can enter all three giveaways below.

Yes, you can enter more than once (one per day though) to nominate a different friend.

Yes, you can enter all three giveaways for the Kindles.


If your entry (for your friend) is selected, the Kindle will be shipped directly from Santa Reber to them, not you, so we will be asking you for THEIR mailing address. In case you missed it, you MUST NOMINATE SOMEONE WHO DESERVES IT to win the Kindles.

If you are a liar, liar pants on fire and intend to keep the gift for yourself, please know that Santa sees when you are naughty. And SHAME on YOU for being dishonest.  Give the chance to someone else who may not be able to afford a new ereader to win it.


You do NOT have to nominate someone to receive the signed books or ebooks. Yep, YOU get a chance to win something for yourself, even if you’ve been naughty all darn year.


This is the one you will grumble about, but you must be a US Resident to enter and to receive the Kindle and the signed books.  The ebooks are coming from Amazon.com, so you have to be able to accept a Kindle version from the good ol’ USA. Sorry, but shipping these items overseas is just simply ridiculous. But see Aestas’ giveaway. She’s got one for the international peeps.

And lastly:

Which is really more of a request than a hard and fast rule, but I’d love to see a PICTURE of the final recipient with their new Kindle and/or signed books.  You can send it to me via email to authortinareber@gmail.com or post it on my author page on Facebook (authortinareber) or tag me on Twitter (TinaReber).

Remember to hold the camera up slightly and shoot downwards as it eliminates the double chin (lesson #1 from those who’ve attended my book signing selfie shot hallway workshops).

Thanks for reading!

From my family to yours, have a blessed holiday season and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!



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Questions?  Send an email to me at authortinareber@gmail.com