A Dirty Tale of “Effect” and “Affect”

Affect vs. Effect… oh, and Infect (just for fun)

And “heal” and “heel” just because…


Affect is a verb. You affect me in ways that are immeasurable.

Effect is a noun. The special effects of the laser show were crazy.


Now let’s “romance author” it up.

That tongue piercing of his affected me in ways that were immeasurable. It was most effective in driving me insane. It was like a special effect in his mouth, causing stars to dance behind my eyelids.

No guy had ever affected me like this. The heels of my feet dug into the carpet. I just hoped his new piercing had healed and wouldn’t get infected, as that would affect his performance and ruin the effects of his services.

What is it about a guy with a British accent reading the daily paper aloud that affects me so?

You all have infected, dirty minds. Hope my little tale had the right effect and your current work-in-progress is affected in the best of ways.

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