One of the most frequent questions new authors ask is where to get promotional items made. Here’s a list of where I’ve purchased mine.


Business Cards:

I love using

They have a wide selection of pre-made designs as well as a really cool on-line design tool, where you can add, move, resize everything. Their costs are one of the lowest I’ve found for business cards plus their turnaround and delivery is within days, not weeks.

Why you should have them: You never know where you’ll be when the topic of books and reading comes up. You want people to find you, so what better way than to slip them a business card with your contact information on it. My card has my picture on it so there is face recognition between my name and the people I meet.


All my bookmarks, postcards, and book cover reprints are from:

Their printing quality is superb, costs are unbelievably cheap, and turnaround and delivery is within days.


My retractable banner came from:

I am extremely happy with the product, with the quality, the price, everything! They also seem to be the cheapest out of all the printing companies.

I ordered this one:

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 4.06.37 PM

Rubber Bracelets:

I ordered from:


I ordered mine from:

BUT – before you order, do this:  At the bottom of their website there is a selection to request a FREE SAMPLE. Do this FIRST!! Request something for free. It gets you into their mailing list, where they send you GREAT DEALS on their products. NEVER PAY their listed prices, always wait for the flyers/samples to arrive and use those promotional prices instead.