Guide for New Authors

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Feeling not good enough or sucked into the vortex of negative reviews?

* Watch This 


Creative Process

The Creative Spark with Dustin Lance Black

The Hook – Question Driven Plotting Blog post by Chuck Wendig

Character Development

* Character Development Worksheets

 * Describing Physical Appearance

*  How to Describe a Person – Key Components of Physical Description

*  Master List of Physical Appearance Terms

* Negative Character Traits

* Hair, Skin, and Eyes – Description Help

* GREAT LINK: Juicy Secrets to Jazz Up your Characters

*  Name Generator Site with Personality Traits too! Click HERE 

* Character Chemistry

Word Cheat Sheets – trying to find another word to describe…

* Fighting Words

* Sexy Words

* 100 other ways to say “GOOD”

* 250 other ways to say “WENT”

* 190 Other ways to say “SAID”

* 200 Ways to describe LIGHT

*  Different ways to say “Go,” Went,” and “Walk”

* Describing SOUNDS

* Describing PAIN

* Adjectives to describe Mood, Movement, Character, Emotions, Feelings, Behavior 



Writing Tips and Tricks

It’s all in the details

* Writing about Guns – Mistakes not to make

* Physical Limits of the Human Body


Writing Quick Tip Inspirations

*  Inspiration Memes to inspire you

 * My Pinterest Board on Bookish Stuff


Writer’s Workshop – Writing Prompts

Characterization of Setting


Attending your first book signing? Tips and suggestions to make your experience better.

Book Signing Tips